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The Corona Virus Situation


Below you will find the announcements regarding the Corona Virus situation as it develops.


SIlvertones rehearsals will recommence on Friday July 17th at Harry's place. The usual social distancing and personal hygene rules will apply.

Created on: Wednesday, 10-Jun-2020, 15:57

Deep South Chorus will resume rehearsals on Tuesday 16th June

No more than 20 in the rehearsal space at any time. Social distancing and personal hygene measures will be observed.

Bookings to attend rehearsal are required. If the booking number exceeds 20 then the rehearsal group will be split in two halves which will then get 1 hour each.

Created on: Wednesday, 10-Jun-2020, 15:54

The Corona Virus situation will be discussed at a special committee meeting on Tuesday with regard to the return to rehearsals by quartets and choruses.

Stay tuned

Created on: Friday, 05-Jun-2020, 23:20

Outdoor activities are now allowed subject to maximum group numbers and adherence to distance requirements.

Your group organiser will contact your group members about starting dates and times for indoor events.

Created on: Wednesday, 03-Jun-2020, 13:59