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Becoming A Member

Joining The Silvertones is easy.

Come along to one of our rehearsals to see if you like what we do.

See if you can find your place amongst us. Can you actually hold your notes? Can you sing against the other parts?

You may not be able to do all these things straight away. Are you prepared to persist?

ps. Please contact us by email first to make sure where and when we will be rehearsing this week.


The Organisation

The Silvertones chorus is a part of the Hobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club.

The Club supports a number of choruses and quartets.

Members of HMBHC can be a part of more than one ensemble within the Club.



The barbershop movement has a national organisation - Barbershop Harmony Australia.

All members of the Club are also members of the national organisation.




The movement i established in a number of countries around the world.

You can sing barbershop in New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Scandinavia and more, even in Tokyo.


The Barbershop Harmony Society

The peak of the movement is to be found in the US and Canada.

Use this link to have a look at their offerings.BHS